My name is Shinya who is a professional tutor in Osaka, Hyogo and Kobe. The office is in Sannomiya. I am supposed to correspond to everything, junior high school entrance examinations, high school entrance examinations, university entrance examinations. “Education for children is the best investment”, this is my philosophy. Currently, free experience guidance (10 minutes for 120 minutes) is available for reservation. (Transportation fee is also free). Please do not hesitate to ask questions, such as the date and time, by phone or e-mail.

 ”It is completely different from the tutor of college students !!!”

 ”I got to be able to go on difficult classroom lessons !!!”

 ”It is easier to see than the school teacher individually see !!!”

 ”It is completely different from individual guidance !!!”

 ”It has become possible to take over the average point !!!”

 ”I passed the aspiring school !!!!”, etc