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Benefits of a Professional Family Teacher

① What is a professional tutor

Professional tutors are those who graduate from college work as professionals working as private teachers. As a tutor, many people think that the image of a part-time job (college student part-time job) comes to mind first, but a professional staff who is living as a special professional is called a professional tutor. Of course, such expenses are higher than hiring students, but I think that cost-effectiveness can be said to be a difference of muddy. Most instructors are students of part-time jobs. I think that the biggest difference between work (citizen) and part-time job (student) lies in “sense of responsibility” more than the work content. And the most important feeling for the education industry is “sense of responsibility” for children. Of course, I have no intention of saying students badly. However, as a reality most students do not engage in the education industry after graduation because their university life and job hunting activities are prioritized, and the tutoring is done with a sense that part-time job with high hourly wages is efficient There are more people. Then there is no sense of responsibility for children. It is inevitably worse than experiences, achievements and skills as compared with those who are working. It is not strange that the student is not bad, it is a strange thing to devote half a student to the best investment of children’s education.
The act of getting children to acquire academic ability, getting acquainted with knowledge, making thinking power is natural as an adult, and it is necessary to fully devote professional professional professional professional lecturers to the original education And I think. Especially, the entrance examination is one big event that influences one ‘s own life, not only for himself but also for his family. Educational society not only in Japan, developed countries all over the world are academic society. And yet this educational society is expected to continue in the future. I am doing my daily work while having the feeling that I want to increase my grades, pass the school of my choice, I want to make my dream come true, as many as I have studied.

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② child suitable for private teacher

First of all, the best thing to say from parents asking for a tutor is that (when teaching studying between parents and between siblings and brothers, they will soon become either emotional one beforehand and study in the family I will not tell you). It is often said that even parents like school teachers or university professors do not continue to see children’s studies. Also, my relatives ‘older brothers and older sisters and college student’ s older brothers are the same things and will not last long. Today, education for children is not such a simple thing. It is deeper and more plain and important. I think that “Education should not be done one day” for any child or any adult.
Secondly, because of my experiences teaching various students, there are many children who have a weak consciousness in group class form. In group classes, we are unfamiliar with the surrounding air of our friends and have a feature that it is difficult for the teacher to ask questions from ourselves. Moreover, my grades are objectively evaluated in the cram school, in the preparatory school and in the class, and my grades are seen by parents, teachers, surroundings and myself, so if there is a child whose motivation surely increases, the motivation goes down Children also exist. I think that professional tutors are good also in such mental support. Especially the ranking and class raising in schools and cram schools becomes “confidence” of that student. When I realize the feeling that I can do it if I do my best I often find that the learning attitude and motivation to learn change and the results will grow dramatically. In my opinion, children who are experiencing lower grades are more likely to grow strongly in terms of human beings and finally tend to win. That “There is a period that I could not do” is that it is property.
③ My guiding policy

Based on the above, my guidance policy is to always set a logical path toward the target from the student’s perspective, and pull the students to achieve the goal. And the point that I am trying to keep in mind is “Praise”. Rather than telling things to heartbreaks, we will lead you to a passing stance to overcome both goals. Of course, elementary school students who are considering junior and senior high school students as well as regular exams (school indication points, grading average) of schools and junior high school entrance examinations are welcome. First of all, parents’ students who wish to be able to take good points on school performance are also welcome. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon for free experience guidance. Check out my other post on Finding Real Estate for Sale in Fiddler’s Creek Naples.